India Africa Foundation - Christian Charity bringing faith, hope, relief and better living conditions to the people of India and Africa


Our Vision

To bring succour to the poor of India & Africa by improving both their spiritual and physical welfare.

Our Objectives

We aim to achieve our vision by applying our income in furthering the following two objectives within India and Africa in accordance with Christian biblical principles:

Objective 1: Sustainable Development

To promote sustainable development by:
(i) the relief of poverty
(ii) the promotion of sustainable means of achieving economic growth and regeneration.

Objective 2: Relief of Sickness

The relief of sickness and the preservation of health.

neereksheWe currently support three Indian charities. These are Neerekshe, the Emma Trust who are situated either side of Rachuir and thirdly the Fisherman's Trust who are situated in Bangalore.

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neereksheWe currently support a village called 'Ikot Ayan Itam and have built a village hospital in the middle of the village.

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neereksheWe support three projects within the DRC. These are Project Hope, Project 'Stand Up' Women and the ''Mothers Union'.

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