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Ikot Ayan Itam

Helen Ntukidem, a retired UK nurse, has had a long-standing vision for a small maternity hospital in Ikot Ayan Itam, in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, the village where she was born. In 2005 an architect produced detailed drawings for her of a small, single storey building. The India Africa Foundation was established in 2011 with the Africa element focussed on Ikot Ayan Itam. By 2016 sufficient funds had been raised to start building.

Ikot Ayan Itam, with a population of some 10 000, lies between Oyu, the State capital and Itu, which borders River Crossing State. It is tropical, hot and very humid. There are no shops; the market place is not functioning. There are no health facilities.

The building of a security wall, a borehole and the hospital itself has neared completion. However, the raised funds are nearing depletion.

Hospital equipment is needed; IAF is exploring possible sources for used equipment either in Nigeria or UK (together with means of transporting equipment to Nigeria). Next, we need to hire local staff (in particular, nurses and midwives). 

Our projects in Africa centre around the Nigerian village of Ikot Ayan Itam which is located in a jungle region close to the Cross River towards the southern tip of the country.

Village Bore Hole

Currently the only source of water for the village is a spring situated down a sharp incline approximately 3/4 of a mile from the village. This means the villagers have to carry their water up that sharp incline back to the village, which is back-breaking work.

Another problem is that the villagers use this spring for washing clothes and even the odd motorbike, so the water gets polluted - as part of our work we are also teaching the people about the importance of keeping the water supplies clean.

IAF is planning to fund the drilling of a bore hole with associated piping in the centre of the village which will tap an underground watercourse meaning the villagers can draw clean waterl.

Small Factory Unit

In Nigeria gari (a sort of flour similar to potato flour) is part of the staple diet. It is a versatile flour that can be mixed with cold water to provide a snack or cooked in boiling water to create a dough-like meal known as Eba, supplemented where possible by soup, fish, or meat.

The IAF is undertaking to fund a small industrial unit for the manufacture of gari from cassava tubers for use and sale in local markets (costs to be ascertained).

Health Centre

Access to health facilities in this part of Nigeria is fairly scarce, so one of the IAf's long term projects is to fund a local health centre for the villagers and people of nearby villages in the area.

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