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The Fishermen's Trust

The Fishermen Trust is led by Rajashekar Moorthy and is based north east of the city of Bangalore. They are a christian charity working with mainly teenagers. They do sometimes work with children in local schools. They provide many adventure camps for young people during each year traveling to different parts of India. Activities on the youth camps range from rock climbing, absailing, canoeing, swimming and simple team games. They always provide stop and think sessions each day during the camps as a chance to share the gospel with the young people.

Fishermen Trust HQ

Our Projects with the Fishermen Trust

Over the years the IAF have been involved in a couple of projects. Firstly we funded a toilet block for the campsite which the Fishermen Trust often use for their youth camps.

Toilet Block Construction
Toilet Block Construction

Secondly we were involved in a project to enable the Fishermen Trust to purchase canoes to add another activity to their youth camp programme.

Canoes in action on the lake
Young people on a youth camp