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Project Hope

Project ‘Hope’ is centred around a small compound in Keshero, some 10ks outside Goma on the northern tip of Lake Kivu. It is run by Claudaline and her husband Désiré (now the Bishop of Goma) who set up the charity ‘ASDIG’.

The aim is to feed and school some 250 children and run 6 month tailoring courses for vulnerable women. The school is run by a director and 8 teachers, a chaplain and nursery staff. Teachers are paid $50 a month when money is available (which it often isn’t). Some of the original children have recently graduated from the primary school; the ASDIG trustees decided to embark on secondary schooling in the compound. A doctor comes once a week (voluntarily).

A medical technician and a nurse also attempt to identify and treat the various health needs (malnutrition, HIV, TB, malaria etc). The dressmaking courses are run in a small room in the compound - and also in the Anglican Centre in Goma. So far over 500 women have completed the dressmaking course.

Project Hope Supporter Leaflet