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The Neerekshe Trust

Our current projects in India are centred around the village of Muranpur in the Bangalore region.

The IAF have a relationship with the Neerekshe Trust (near Raichur) who are providing support to the villages surrounding and including Muranpur. This area is particularly susceptable to flooding.

IAF have funded (£8000) for the building of flood defences around a hospital on the Neerekshe Trust campus. The hospital will provide health-care to the surrounding villages, in particular the village of Muranpur.

The IAF have funded (£500) through the Neerekshe Trust sums for pastoral aid projects to help those in particular difficulties.

'Neerekshe'...'Hope' In the Village of Muranpur

Sixty two years ago, Shadrach was born in a remote village in the centre of India into the 'untouchable' agricultural caste. His parents were recent converts from the lowest Hindu caste to the Christian faith. He received an education and qualified as a teacher. However, he never forgot his roots or the great gift that God had given. He left the security of teaching, joined the church full time and between his evangelising consignments visited and provided for the villagers of all castes.

Nine years ago Shadrach started a village crèche project - it is called 'Neerekshe' which means 'Hope'. The Youth Groups at St Peter’s Church raise funds to provide equipment for the school, medical centre and orphanage - more...

Our current projects at Neerekshe

The IAF are now embarking on further projects:

  1. We are committed to funding the medical project at Neerekshe to enable the medical team to provide vital health check ups to the people of the villages around Murhanpur.
  2. We are committed to supporting the two Ophan children at Neerekshe up to the age of 18 to enable them to obtain a good start in life. We provide funds to help cover the cost of their education, health check ups, clothes, food and school supplies.
  3. We are committed to managing, supporting and upgrading the IT classroom to enable every class in the school to have weekly computer lessons.