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The Emma Trust

Emma Trust HQ

Back in early 2014 the Emma Trust were successful in starting to rent a fairly large building in central Raichur. The building consists of a good sized room which is the IT centre, a bedroom, a dining room and kitchen and a central function area for events and classes. As well as computer lessons the Emma Trust also run sessions for other subjects to help children and young people with their studies at school or college. The HQ provides a perfect setting for courses, events or general fellowship for friends.

Emma Trust HQ

IT Centre

During 2013 Sam talked about his vision for an IT centre in central Raichur to fulfil his vision of teaching underprivileged young people essential computer skills to enable them to find their first job. The Emma Trust located the building in central Raichur and supplied the desks similar to the desks in the IT centre at Neerekshe. The IAF supplied the netbooks and the mice and in October 2014 Pete and Chris visited the Emma Trust to setup the new IT classroom. Since then the IT classroom has been very successful helping to educate young people and is such an important asset to the Emma Trust.

IT Classroom
Students using the IT Classroom

Sidrampur day care centre

The Emma Trust also run a childrens day care centre within the village of Sidrampur, south east Raichir. The day care centre is christian forcused. The children as well as playing with toys also read bible stories during each day they are at the centre.

Emma Trust day care centre
Children playing at the day care centre

Sunday School - Sidrampur

Each Sunday Sam and Christina lead a childrens sunday school in another building which the Emma Trust rent. The children sing songs and listen to a bible story and are often given a small snack towards the end of each Sunday session.

Christina leading a Sunday school session
Sam Leading the children in a song

Our current projects at the Emma Trust

The IAF are commited to supporting the Emma Trust in prayer and financially to enable their charity to run a summer vacation bible week (holiday club) for children over the summer and for their christmas programme each year. We are committed to supporting and maintaining their IT classroom to ensure the equipment continues to serve its purpose for the future.