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Risk Assessment

Knowing what to expect

The safety of our operatives, staff and the people we are trying to assist is so important and we recognise that many of our activities take place in locations where there is risk of unrest. We therefore take every precaution to assess, prior to beginning operations, the risks that may be involved by making sure that: -

  • Significant activities are reviewed for risk as part of the initial planning.
  • Risks are identified in terms of their likelihood and impact on projects; financial management and stability; achieving our aims and objectives; and meeting the expectations of our supporters.
  • Trustees ensure adequate systems and procedures are in place to manage identified risks.
  • For personal security IAF relies on FCO advice, local intelligence and local protection from our partner charities.

We believe meticulous planning is a key safety factor.


Make judged assessments using all the information available.


Specifically plan out the operational procedures.


Based on planned procedures, reassess the risks again and change the plan where necessary.