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Tumaini School

Education for underpriveleged children

Project Hope

Developing Skills
Providing opportunites for employment

Stand Up Women

An ASDIG initiative for women

Queueing for Food

Perhaps the only meal of the day

It's Hard Work

& it's HOT!

Mark gives some help to
the Stand Up Women



What is 'ASDIG'?

In response to the ever-increasing numbers of victims of rape, Claudaline Mukanirwa, a pastor’s wife in Goma, in the diocese of Bukavu, DRC, formed Action Salutaire pour le Développment Intégral de Goma (ASDIG), a registered NGO, in 2007. This was funded from profits from her small tailoring business; the aim was to bring hope to rape victims by teaching them tailoring and dress making skills. 

Thus began Project ‘Hope’. Later she began feeding many malnourished children – the product of the rape pandemic. In 2010 she started a school, ‘Tumaini’, for the poorest unschooled children. Later she started a separate agricultural initiative in Kalehe –  ‘Stand Up Women’. These projects are based in the area of Lake Kivu, in the eastern part of the DRC.


Project Hope

Project ‘Hope’ is centred around a small compound in Keshero, some 10ks outside Goma, which is owned by Claudaline and her late husband, Désiré. The initial aim was to feed and school some 250 children and run 6-month tailoring courses for vulnerable women.

Stand Up Women

The agricultural initiative ‘Stand Up Women!’ provides an income-generating opportunity for 825 women in Kalehe to farm cassava, ground nuts, pigs, goats and chickens.

Future Needs

The needs are huge: salaries for teachers, instructors and supervisors; building materials and workers; sewing machines; food and recreational materials for the children; IT equipment; agricultural equipment and materials; and so on.

The ASDIG trustees also have exciting plans for future development projects, such as fish farming, beekeeping, literacy and potable water programmes.

The IAF Response

The India Africa Foundation, along with a small number of other charities and churches, is supporting Project ‘Hope’ in the Lake Kivu area of DRC.

To date we have made several visits to Project ‘Hope’ and have provided desks and chairs, grinding mills, sewing machines, funding for a micro-finance project, as well as finance for new classrooms and latrines.

Contributions to teachers’ salaries have also been made. But we need more significant and sustainable support to help us bring help to the helpless of DRC.