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What is 'Neerekshe' Trust?

“Neerekshe” means “hope” in Kannada, the local regional language, The Neerekshe Trust’s aim is to provide education and health care to the people of Muranpur and the neighbouring villages..

Members of the IAF have been closely involved with Neerekshe since 2000.

Initially providing funds to run the ‘Cow Shed Crèche’, we also funded individual nursing training for individual girls and medical camps to outlying villages.

At all times we were closely involved with developing Neerekshe’s understanding of Charity and Project Management.

A Children’s Playground was funded and erected to establish working practices between the two charities.

Once confidence and trust was proven then larger capital projects were planned. Although the IAF has played a small part supporting the school, the hostel and the Rural Industrial Training Institute, it completely designed and funded the small two ward hospital and the parish centre. In addition it funded and continues to help fund the medical and social programmes.



The hospital is now officially registered and they have been involved with state sponsored programmes giving eye and dental checks. There have also been clinics for pregnant women and health courses using the Parish Centre. IAF are very keen to see the project grow into an established self-sustaining medical centre/outreach.

There is great need for medical services to the poor in the region of Muranpur.  To this end IAF purchased a secondhand ambulance to help provide Primary Health Care Outreach in the local villages and also to monitor the nutritional state of children and families.  From January 2018 IAF has helped fund this Medical Outreach. Neerekshe are employing a doctor, nurse, social workers and driver to pro-actively go out to the villages. From all the positive feedback and appreciation from the villagers, Neerekshe are greatly encouraged that they are really making a difference.

An addition to the school is their outstanding IT Centre. This was designed, funded and installed by the IAF in 2014.  Indeed the IT Centre is maintained by the IAF during our regular visits.  We use these annual visits to strengthen our relationships with Neerekshe personnel and ensure that our funds are being used in line with our donors wishes.

IAF support two young boys from the nearby village of Muranpur who were orphaned in tragic circumstances. IAF look after their education and upkeep under the ‘guardianship’ of Gladys Peter of the Neerekshe Trust. Both boys are thriving and are visited by the IAF Trustees on their visits to the Campus.